How To Use Properly?

If you're aiming for high-speed downloads, it's advisable to utilize download managers such as JDownloader 2, FDM, IDM, etc as internet browsers lack support for multiple connections.

Furthermore, in JDownloader 2, the Max.Chunks per Download (multiple connections) setting Defaults to 1. To enhance download speeds, you should adjust this setting.

To do so, navigate to Settings => General in JDownloader 2, and ensure that the number in the Max.Chunks per Download is Set to a minimum of 4 (or up to the maximum value of 20) for optimal performance.

In other download managers, the default number of connections may vary, so you may want to consider increasing this number accordingly.

How We Bypass

To bypass the PixelDrain links, our Bypasser tool changes the original PixelDrain URLs into Our Servers URL.

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